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Haret Jobs is your source for foreign recruitment, immigration into Canada, and a place to find work if you are a foreign worker looking for employment.  We’ve helped thousands of people already. 

With wide network capabilities combined with our professional and experience counsels; Our Canada recruitment agencies are highly committed giving the optimum quality of service standard to both candidates and clients. Using a comprehensive research and premise empowers us to provide our clients with custom profiles for every candidate, saving time for both candidates and clients. The strategy for an extensive understanding of clients’ needs and candidates’ capacities and interests will ensure us in recruiting the very best talent.



Direct Hire Placements

We scan for applicants that meet our client's requirements, screen them and send them to the client for a meeting. At the point when the client has picked who they need, we hand them over to the client at a set fee for their work.

Temporary To Permanent Personnel

An employee(s) deals with our payroll, regularly for around 3 months (540 hours), after which the worker can be hired for nothing out of pocket. (Shorter and longer terms are accessible) This period can be looked at as a probation period, which gives our clients an opportunity to choose whether or not to hire the worker.

Long Term Outsourcing & PEO/EOR (Employer Of Record)

We will deal with a gathering of our representatives at our client's work environment by giving an on location Manager. This Manager will speak with the client consistently to guarantee everything runs easily, mention to us what your objective is and we will take you there.



  • Temp to Perm changes permit you to assess a likely workers’ aptitudes and capabilities before making the drawn out pledge to hire.
  • The size of setting up can change with various ventures; impermanent staffing is a reasonable arrangement.
  • Regardless of whether you are an organization scanning for the perfect staff, or you are searching for the ideal employment or profession, at Haret Jobs, we make connections that are worked for progress.
  • Proficient, Qualified individuals, when you need them, for any working circumstance.
  • After some time and planning clashes are everything except dispensed with by having a group of experts holding on, prepared to work for you.



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